Environmental Aims

What are we doing to reduce our environmental impact? 

We love our planet and want to do everything we can to reduce our companies impact on the environment. That's why our team is working from home offices and using independent specialist makers.

Printed Little Things is consciously looking at ways of eliminating unnecessary plastics from our products or packaging. As an example, the ink we use in our own manufactured products is from crystals that are grown (ask us about Emulsion Aggregation toner anytime!) not pulverised plastics as most traditional inks are made from. This leads to improved print quality, less toner usage, less toner waste, and lower energy usage in toner manufacturing, in fact, 60 – 70 percent less energy per page than conventional toner! 

We have already replaced single-use plastic packaging with paper alternatives. We source sustainable alternatives for everything we manufacture and will change and adapt our processes wherever we can. Whilst not all of our suppliers are able to follow our lead, you can rest assured that we will always challenge them to improve their ECO credentials whenever we can.

We aim to only use UK suppliers and producers whenever possible. This is in a direct effort to champion UK Businesses and in that process reduce road and air miles whenever we can. Small changes but they all add up to reducing our company's impact on our collective environment.

If you notice an area where we can improve our processes or products please get in touch today!
Email us at info@printedlittlethings.co.uk

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